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1.  Introduction

ScriptDoll respects your privacy and security. To help you better understand what information we collect, how we use it, and how we protect it we are providing this Privacy Policy.  This Privacy Policy governs our data collection both on our Website ( www.ScriptDoll.com) as well as our ScriptDoll platform ("Platform") and any related services or products that we may offer.  Unless otherwise indicated, these data collection practices govern our relationship with all entities for all aspects of ScriptDoll.  The Site and the Platform are all hosted within the United States, and therefore any laws governing data transfer and storage are those of the United States.  Your use of the Platform and Site means you consent to the storage and transfer of your information across borders.

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy you may contact us at any time.  Please note, this Privacy Policy only covers ScriptDoll and does not cover any third parties that our Platform integrates with.

2.   Information We Collect

First and foremost, ScriptDoll is meant for only those who are eighteen (18) years and older or the age in your jurisdiction that is required to make a contract.  When you use the Site or Platform we may ask you for certain information including email address and your name.  We also allow you to create a unique account for which you will provide a password.  You may also use Facebook Connect to create an account, which is done via the Facebook API and any information that we collect is limited to what you share on Facebook.   

Inside of our Platform you will be asked certain questions about how you plan to use the Platform, specifically questions related to the material you wish to post via our Platform to Facebook or any other social media site that we make available ("Content").  In addition to this Content, we may ask other information about your campaign and use that information via our Platform for the stated purpose of submitting the Content.

 Although we do not use any campaign information right now, we reserve the right to collect and aggregate it for our own internal reporting use, benchmarking, system testing, or any purpose not prohibited by this Agreement.  We also reserve the right to monitor any Content or modify, edit, or prohibit any Content at any time, without notice. 

So as you can see, we really don't collect much in the way of personal information.  For the information that we do collect, we use it to email you about your account, about updates to our Site or Platform, about marketing opportunities that we think you'll find to be awesome, and possibly help our favourite marketing partners out with their products or services that we think you may find to be interesting.

3.  Non-Personal Information

We may also collect information about you that may be considered less sensitive than the above information.  This information may include your IP address, browser type, operating system, and other hardware or software information.  This is all information that helps us know about the general nature of our visitors. 

4.  Cookies

When you access our website, we use tracking cookies to distinguish you from other users to help prevent users from logging into another user's account on the same computer or network.  We also may use tracking cookies to help us track the effectiveness of our Platform.  In addition, Facebook or other social media sites that are integrated with our Platform may utilize cookies for their own purposes.    These tracking technologies allow us to store information about some of the sites you visit.  We may also use this to determine how we can enhance our products or services.  Because of this, we require that you enable cookies in order to use our service.

We may also utilize analytics software that helps us to track how our Site is being used, how it is being found, and how people are browsing our Site.  This information is stored with our hosting provider but does not contain any personally identifiable information. 

5.  How do we use the information we collect

Other than as described in this Agreement, we use your information to provide maintenance and enhancements, as well as auto updates to our Platform.  We may also collect information to determine compatibility with our Site or Platform.  Any other use of your information will be described in this Privacy Policy.   We may also hire third parties to help us in the development of our Site or enhancement of our Platform.  These third parties will be bound by these practices and will understand that they may only use the information for internal purposes and only for the specific purpose that they are providing to us. 

If you contact us via email we may also save any correspondence that you send to us.  We may then use that information to contact you to answer questions or respond to customer support inquiries.  We may also use is to respond to press and media inquiries as well. 

Finally, we may use the information we collect for internal reporting services.  This helps us to develop new products, services, and to enhance existing ones.  We may also use this information to better serve advertisements to you via our Platform. 

6.  Third Party Websites

We may link to third party websites through our own website including, obviously, Facebook and other social media sites.  Should you encounter a link to a website other than one operated by ScriptDoll, you must understand that it is not controlled by ScriptDoll and may have different rules governing the privacy of its users.  We recommend that you consult such websites' privacy policies and terms of use when using them.

7.  Advertising

We may use your demographic information to provide relevant advertisements to you that you may find interesting.  We may use the information we collect about you to send you marketing materials about our Site.  In addition, Facebook or other social media Sites may store information about you and serve ads to you based on your browsing habits but again that is governed by their own information collection practices. 

8.  Data Transfer

You consent to the transfer of your information from your computer to our Servers, as well as to other computers that are under our operation or control or under the operation and/or control of our employees, agents, officers, or members.  These may be in different locations, which is why we are glad you are giving us consent to transfer this information across borders.  You realize that other countries may not offer the same level of care that other countries do so it is important that you read and understand why we collect information and how we use it.  If you have questions you can email us. 

9.  Law Enforcement Disclosures

If required, we may provide information about you that has been subpoenaed by a Court of law or requested by a law enforcement agency.  We provide this information when we believe, in good faith, that it is needed in order to protect ourselves, another person or entity, or any other legal matter.

10.  Children's Online Privacy Protection Act

We do not allow people to use our website or Software if they are under the age of contractual capacity, which is usually eighteen years old, and therefore the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act's provisions, or its equivalent in your jurisdiction, is not relevant.  If we discover that someone under the legal age is using our Site or Program then we may terminate their access, delete any information they have provided except we may store some information for a reasonable time in order to protect ourselves or others. 

11.  Assignment or Transfer

You agree that in the event we are bought, sold, or a substantial portion of our business is acquired that we may transfer, assign, sell, or make available your information to the entity that is acquiring us.  We will require any such entity to be bound by this Agreement and to have the same data collection rules that we do. 

12.  Amendments

We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. We may provide you notices via the Platform, however, you should make it a point to review our Privacy Policy and Terms on a regular basis as they govern our relationship.

13.  California Privacy

We comply fully with privacy laws applicable to our transactions with residents of the State of California.  If you have any questions about your privacy rights in relation to our Privacy Policy, please contact us at [email protected]

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